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TheAtticus Adam New

Hey man, I love your stuff, but you gotta learn to pronounce “mimicry”

Leslie Rhinehart

His Lego skills are miraculous. He is the one.


It’s getting to the point that I can’t even take creationist arguments
seriously anymore. How is it possible that they haven’t seen the claims
they make debunked before? I had someone message me asking why watches
don’t evolve and why cars don’t evolve into airplanes.

Jim Gardner

For pity sake. It’s Lego. Just Lego. They call it the Lego System. Not the
Legos System. Just Lego. L. E. G. O. Lego. 


B-but plastic is organic material.


actually i dont think the experiment is that bad… its just too small. life started from inorganic pieces, that can bond and break bonds. so lego isnt too bad of an analogy, just… the world is extremely large, there are massive amounts of atoms… to make the experiment fair, increase the legos per bag about 100x. use a transparent bag. you may have broken up a already valid design before you stopped shaking. life didnt start with humans – it started with bacteria. so any lego design is a valid result. not just helicopters. something like a wall for example,… Read more »


I don’t think this is an anti-evolution video, I think it is supposed to be


Consider that the reaction only has to happen once. It makes sense, that at some point on this vast planet in this vast universe, there is one little speck where spontaneous creation is possible. The simple bacteria is but a speck compared to Earth, and the Earth is really just a grain of sand in the vast universe. Look at it in context. If someone showed you the word “Hello” on a screen, you would think someone meant to type it. But if someone randomly pressed keys and out of chance typed “hello” you would understand that the “hello” was… Read more »


New video yay. Glad YouTube notified me. 

Spyro the friendly ghost

It’s mimicry. Mih-mih-cree. Not mim-ih-cry


This just might be the dumbest creationist argument EVER!!! Watch and

T Razz

Just shows that Muslims are no smarter than Christians and that is sad.


Lol Leboman nice…


“Then what created god”

Cmon now EIC, even high-school level metaphysics can answer that and you’ll
get your ass handed to you if you don’t yet know the proposed answer to
this argument.

Kalam is only about things starting to exist, they say they god is
eternal/outside of time, therefore never started to exist. The entire
metaphysical time thing.

Metaphysics is a joke in comparison to the “superior” truth granted by
empiricism, and mix some dogmatism with it and you’ve got a perverted
version of philosophy used for creating and validating ones own fantasies.


Oops…..instead of “illiterate at math” you should have written

Good video, thanks for putting it up.


Islam thinking??? Don’t make me laugh.

Amer Hwail

Awesome response to the Muslim video! When I was a Muslim (know I’m an
atheist) I got a lot of fallacious arguments from Arab imams who were very
ignorant of the sciences. One of them really thought there is something
very special about honey because it was the only food mentioned in the
Quran to have healing properties. 

Jack Wright

My face hurts from all the palming. Calling muslims idiots is an insult to

jo black

What the God spark
Why would have to have a father or
So many things I have look to see

Alan W

I guess I need to point out to creationists once again that denying,
dismissing, and misrepresenting science is not a justifiable way of
providing positive evidence for your claims. This only provides me with
positive evidence for your continued use of a false dichotomy to prop up
your bogus baseless assertions.


odd… the screen is black for me…
Edit: nvm…fixed. also… i want that helicopter…


I thought that this was about the big bang and not evolution.

Joe Swamson

“Atheist logic,” or as non-religious people call it, “Logic.”

Charles Kunkle