Well, he said he was gonna own the shutdown, and now…?


President Donald Trump Now Seems To Blame Democrats Over Shutdown 
Earlier this month, the president told Chuck Schumer he would not blame the Democrats for a government shutdown over border funding. Yet in a Friday tweet, the president now seems to be blaming Democrats for a shut down.



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very good Donald Trump

Anthony Andersen

the democrats are trying to turn America into give me Mexico and we will hand out the wealth of America.

against pigs

This YOYO PIG drumpf just STOLE CHRISTMAS IN 2018.


Its time this country protest for the removal of this lunatic dictator because our congress isnt going to do or say anything about it. Every member should be shaming Trump for this stupid shutdown over a stupid 5 billion dollar fence.. Oh how other countries are shaking their heads and laughing at us..

David Miller

All money spent is paid in taxes after changing hands seven times. Mexico and central American countries with lose of foreign aide already paid for half the wall, Toyota Motor Corp. investing $1.33 billion in an existing U.S. factory, championing spending by a Japanese automaker instead of building a plant in Mexico. Fiat Chrysler will move Ram production to Michigan from Mexico 2500 NEW JOBS 1 billion dollars for new factory. SoftBank's Son pledges $50 billion, Foxconn eyes U.S. expansion who builds Apple phones. On and on. http://reuters.com/article/us-usa-trump-softbank/trump-says-softbanks-son-increasing-u-s-investment-idUSKBN1JP06X?utm_campaign=trueAnthem%3A+Trending+Content&utm_content=5b35e38e04d30162b3eaea4e&utm_m Activity by illegal immigrant men and women in everything showing kids is… Read more »

Brandon Kurewitz

SNL is spot on with Morning Joe

Dustin Gomez

Mika is looking like more of a Michael right about now. Like a tranny.


I never thought even for a moment that Trump is the US president. He's a 愚弄妖怪 who is to rot the country. It is true that everything he touches dies.

jafar A

white people are the problem. ban all white people from america and the problem will be solved.

Truong Nguyen

Government really miss President Obama.No scams,scandals,lusts,cons(Mexico pay the wall),thugs punks calling names,mob,corrupt

General Shepherd

People who are dumb and greedy enough to cross our border illegally deserve an unpleasant surprise when they get to the top


Ok soooo we know he is crazy. Now can we pleasssse get him the f@#$ out of here so we can get a real government again? eh comrades?

Aaron S

This just in President Trump lied! This isnt news anymore, report in when he speaks the truth because that will be newsworthy!

Gerald Prost

Great at technology! He can’t figure out how an umbrella works!

Warren Shiflett

Of course and his cult followers will believe him and cheer.

Marty Stamey

I will never vote Democrat again!! I can't beleave the Democratic party hates Trump more than they love this country!!Obama gave Iran 150 billion. And want support 5 billon to heip secure the border! Its to obvious what the party stands for now. And its not in the. American people's favor!!


Democrats, Pelosi and Schummer, said they want border security. Trump said Democrats do not want border security. Trump lies every time he opens his mouth.


A wall can be tunneled under and climbed over. Trump said Mexico would pay for the wall. Lie? No need to ask Congress for wall money.