Well, maybe fat orange dipshit just needs to understand that there’s no real way that he can hide what ends up in the Mueller report…


Democrats Threaten To Subpoena Mueller Report If Trump Hides It From Public

The Trump administration is reportedly expecting the Mueller Report to be ready “any day now,” but we still don’t know if the new AG or the administration are going to let the public have a look at it. Polls show that a majority of both parties want the final report released, with each side hoping that it will confirm their beliefs. Democrats in the Senate are working on a plan that would force the administration to release the report, and Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains what’s happening.

Link – https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-02-21/democrats-embrace-tax-the-rich-label-after-years-of-ducking-it

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So right now, at least according to the White House, they are expecting that Mueller report to be finished any day now. It could happen right now. It could happen in five minutes. It could happen tomorrow, could happen next week. They don’t know they’re sitting on pins and needles because this report could come out at any moment because after all, CNN told us that some members of the Mueller team had had already left there. They’re going back to their old jobs. So obviously it’s winding down. The truth is honest to God, we don’t know. We really don’t know this thing could go on for another 12 months if necessary. We really don’t know. We’re relying on a warmonger and corporate media network to be telling us the truth, which isn’t exactly something that we should expect from them. But nonetheless, the White House is expecting this. Democrats are expecting it. And Democrats are also expecting the Trump White House under new, uh, Attorney General William Barr to block it from being released to the public.
And they’re not happy about that. And rightfully so because they also understand that polls show that a majority of Republicans and a majority of Democrats want this final report released to the public. There’s different reasons why each group wants it released. I’ll get to that in a moment, but first and foremost, just to go back here, Democrats in the Senate are threatening to subpoena the final report from Robert Muller or even subpoena Mueller himself to come openly testify what was in the report. If Donald Trump and the Trump administration decide to hide it from the public, and let’s keep something in mind here. The only reason they would hide it is if it contains damaging info on Trump or his family. That is the only reason they would hide this report. That is it. So if they do hide it, we can go ahead and assume that yeah, it has some really bad stuff about some really dirty deeds that the Trump family’s been doing for years.
But here’s the thing, and back to the poll numbers of majorities wanting this thing released. Republicans want it released because they think it’s going to exonerate Donald Trump. Democrats want it released because they think it’s going to make Donald Trump look bad and then I assume there’s probably a small sliver in there who just say, Hey, I want it released because we spent money on it and we spent time on it. We’ve talked about it for two years. Let’s just see the damn thing. Honestly, I kind of fall in that middle sliver. I don’t think that this report is going to give us, you know, the information necessary to take down Donald Trump. I wish it would. I hope it does. I don’t think it will, but if it exonerates him, very unlikely. But if it does, I also feel like you know what? We need to, we need to know about this so that we can move on, focus on policy and defeat him that way.

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malhotra roger

Aren’t casino owners/property developers and their families honest model citizens full of integrity ? Isn’t Trump a guy who has led a life dedicated to public service and philanthropy ?

Atheneum Monkey.

We have several pressing matters to deal with. Better to focus on the ones we can help with, while Muller and his team handle the investigation.


That's why a copy should be sent to both parties.

Mega Arbok

We need to know if it’s a gotcha or a big nothing burger cause wtf was all this about anyway, Dems support all trumps warmongering

Ruth Hall

Is anybody surprised that 45 want to hide the report Democrats been standing alone in trying to protect this country and to find out is this president in the pocket or a the f**** Russian dictator it's time for the Republican to get some f**** backbone we the America people need to know if this president in the pocket of the f**** Russians

Mega Arbok

Mission Report


farron cousins is really difficult to listen to. if i wanted to hear someone freak out and bitch about everything i'd call my dad.

Bayonne Blasphemer

Either Trump goes to jail now, or we Bern Trump and the Swamp to the ground in 2020. Six of one, half dozen of the other.

TJ Burns

Don the Con will be seeking asylum in North Korea when Putin denies everything. It's not shocking or funny anymore