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Oh bullshit……

Hunter saftey tests have been around for decades . Must possess a card to buy a hunting license.

And yet, every year hunters are killed by their stupidity.

Mostly we tend to LUMP together hunting done by millions of safe gun handlers , a .00001 percenatage who have problems ( compare that to car drivers ) , with Gun violence perpetrated by the socially unfit . Like branding every Catholic as Cortez

sher. I clicked on your name . I thought you might be interested in a book I am currently reading Arguing about Slavery . Really well researched and brings one to the halls of congress and really the first grassroots movement in USA ….

“Hunter saftey tests” are what you call “well-regulated”? On what planet? 😛

Again gun crimes are Already illegal . I never used the term well regulated . I question whom to trust to REGULATE . The honest guy takes it in the pants . I grew up out here in Colorado. Humans sparse. I was shooting unsupervised at 11 yrs. It is a privilege to live in the country . I do not carry arms . I own them however . We also have a family gun collection . Fine craftsmanship and handed down from one generation to next . So I am a BAD BAD GUN NUT. Correct ?

Way to obfuscate. Typical gun-lover drivel.
“Gun crimes” are already illegal? Are you kidding me?
Why is it so hard to have an honest discussion about guns with people who love guns? Do you not realize how stupid this makes the US look to the rest of the world?

Here, just try to answer one simple question, without going off into a whirlwind of gun-lover rhetoric and drivel, if you can possibly do so.

What would be so wrong with turning gun ownership into a privileged like driving a car?

Nothing . As far as I know if I buy a gun it is registered in my name . Has been this way for years . YOU NEED TO COME UP WITH some new , more relevant diatribe . Unfortunately insults take the place of dialog , as of course , you must be addressing an inferior .

Just what I thought. You can’t even answer a simple question. So now “registering” means the same thing as “licensing”?? Hilarious. Then you wonder why you’re called on your stupidity.

Talk about needing a new, more relevant diatribe. You guys say the same shit over and over again. Trust me, I don’t need to rationalize anything. The facts and the statistics speak for themselves.

Geez… such idiocy. No wonder the US is so fucked up.

All this said I am troubled about things like police shootings and the militerisation thereof . Like I wrote earlier I do not carry a gun . I truck . I see some riff raff from time to time but do not need a gun to protect myself . My aunt however grew up on this same ranch is 72 , is a shooter since childhood , lives in the city and has a concealed carry permit and a .45 she carries and well knows how to use . If she shoots someone it will be because they earn it… Read more »

So when obfuscation fails, you switch to anecdotal horseshit? Ooh, what a new tactic. It’s not a matter of what I agree or disagree with, it’s what simple facts dictate. Are you too stupid to understand the facts and statistics behind the gun insanity in the US? And why do you think that police are amping up their weaponry and militarization? You don’t think the fact that the US is armed to its eyeballs might have even a modicum of something to do with it? Again, no wonder the US is so fucked up. You can shut up now. I… Read more »

Is there a meaningful comment in here someplace, Karen Wood?

Hey Karen, how about you shutup for awhile? Thanks.

Nah, an idiot is someone who is too stupid to acknowledge facts and learn from them. You know, like you. Obviously. And trust me, this “cityboy” has seen more crazy shit than you ever will. Bye bye now. 🙂

Hey Barry,.. your inner Neanderthal is showing.

I want to add that I think the NRA is a dangerously irresponsible organisation at this point . The extremes are showing in all directions .

Nobody cares Barry. Go send someone else to the dentist so you can brag about it on FB. You’ve exceeded your idiot time allowance on this thread. Bye bye now. 🙂

Barry Bradford What the hell are you babbling about?

Finally, a 20% intelligent comment from Barry. I’ll even let that pap stay on. Who knew it was possible?

And no, Barry. Views on common-sense gun laws and regulation are not an “extreme”. Those views are not antithetical to the NRA’s, or even your hilarious views.

I personally think this is the most logic we’re going to get out of a grossly-misinformed goober like you. So trust me when I say, it’s ok to stop now. 🙂

Don’t encourage him Sher. 😛

You got sher. Just babbling . We idiots do that.

Thanks for finally acknowledging the obvious. It took you long enough. Now run along, trucker-boy. You got some serious gun data to catch up on… 😀

My phone kept lighting up, so I was just curious–I’m with you–@Holes In the Foam

He assumes I’m stupid–I have read over a thousand books on the Civil War–starting with the American Revolution–been to three battlefields, and Andersonville National Historic Site–I am a Yankee–woo-hoo–LOL-

Sher did you see my post about Arguing About Slavery ? A real insight into the thinking of that timeperiod 1831 to 1861

I filled in the incorrect circles on the multiple choice test . There is only 1 correct answer to each assertion .

Something tells me Barry wouldn’t know a “real insight” if it crawled up his ass and exploded. 😛

I told my Dad the other day, I could swear it was him running this page–LOL–you are too funny–

I’m for all but the tax hike. My hobbies aren’t for state gain. Education and more thorough background checks will suffice.

We should add insurance to your list

Maybe a tax to cover the costs of (non self inflicted) gun injuries?

That’s what “bonded” essentially means.

Until gun ownership is turned into a privilege, no more or less than like driving a car, the US will be in deep gun batshit. It’s as simple as that.

That’s what “bonded” means.