“Werner Heisenberg vs. the New Atheists”… – VIDEO


Despite the desperate rants of the “new atheists,” many of history’s greatest scientists were Christians. Many of them even claimed that their belief in God motivated their research, or that God’s existence was confirmed by their findings.

Werner Heisenberg won the Nobel Prize in Physics for the discovery of quantum mechanics. Having plumbed the depths of reality, he declared that God was waiting.



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Paul R.

I consider the New Atheists and the Semitic religions to be perhaps equally ridiculous, their contrast resulted in this ridiculous materialism/theism dichotomy; Scientism versus Philosophy.I refer to myself as a nonbeliever outside philosophic circles, because you and they have introduced so much personal sentiment and politics into your debate, that atheism is being considered as some kind of group of people with necessarily like ideas.Schrödinger said being an atheist was not something to be proud of, and was right not to enforce it. Theism (contra Deism) will perish nonetheless, and so too, is now with the reemergence of (real) philosophy,… Read more »


Nice looking and sounding video. But no less childish than any other internet troll.  If you're going to pick on "athiests" you might as well start with an idiot like this guy… cause it's easy, right?  Doesn't mean you've won anything.  Use the power of god to go after a bigger fish, but don't fall out of the boat.

Mark Shere

What a clumsy hack job this is. Belief in gods is irrational by definition, whether the believer is a scientist or not, so your attempt at an argument from authority here falls flat on its face.It's also obvious that your picture of an "atheist" is made up, as real atheists know how to spell the word and don't post things like that unless it's satire – something that usually flies over the heads of believers.You continue your untrue assertions, such as the one about communists doing what they did in the name of atheism rather than the actual reason, the… Read more »


It's called an argument from authority. And an adhominin attack.  You don't have to be smart you just have to be right.

Mike Vizioz

1:58 Seriously? That guy is obviously a creationist, pretending to be an atheist. He is obviously trying to make atheists look dumb. Atheists don't need to do that though. No atheist could ever make creationists to look dumber than they are already making themselves look.


David. That guy looks like you.

Saral Israel Shrestha

What a way to connect to your youtube viewers! Bravo.

Yeshua's “reverent” peace

David your so funny lololololololololololololol


David Wood.. You are awsome!! God bless you. 

Colonel Burton

"… and the less he's an expert, the more references he makes to the flying spaghetti monster…"
HAHAHAHA I literally laughed out loud at that one. Know a guy who's exactly like that. Alcohol, Rock'n'Roll, fantasy Live-Action-Role-Play and an ass-load of "knowing little about a topic" but having a big mouth.

Rick Deckard

lol…so much mysticism applied to the Uncertainty Principle…all it is really is:
– what happens when you squeeze a wave (in time or in space)?

Forlorn Lover

You actually bought a shirt and a Darwin hat x')
you funny man !

Brian Pattison

+Acts17Apologetics  Usually when people construct a straw man they cobble together details from real people. You've taken it a step further and actually created a fake person, +Super Athiest. Anyway, if your only experience with "new atheists" is through YouTube comments, it's no wonder your perception is confused.  Since you're talking about scientists, I'd be interested in your take on the fact that 92% of the members of The National Academy of Sciences in the U.S. are atheist or agnostic. Shouldn't that be part of the discussion? Limiting the scope of your survey to a few cherry-picked favorites strikes me… Read more »

Gary Smith

David please make one about francis collins vs richard dawkins and the new atheist gang 🙂 


Yes this is true.  Many of these new atheist, they do come over as proud of their intelligence.And their atmosphere  comes off  Ignorant  and above all Arrogant. They delight so much in the knowledge of thinking they have powers of reasoning above that of  Christians and people of  other faiths.  when I watch their  programs  it always feels like I am sat next to someone who smokes too much, like that smoke is the stink of self. (EGO). Not all of them, with  the others its just ignorance,that's ok. prides ok to deal with.  But something about these militant atheists that  I think it is their  self-righteous smugness… Read more »

Jonathan Morgan


Laith Mardini

LOL I love this new series. And, I have to say, +Super Athiest is a likable personality.

Christian Graulau

Dat David Wood voice

John Mills (AeonSilverhand)

LOL G-d bless you, David!


If "God is waiting at the bottom of the cup" then show me evidence of this God. I don't care who the authority is. Newton spent as much time wasted on Alchemy discovering nothing, as he did on his amazing laws of motion. If Heisenberg made discoveries in Quantum Physics, then great. His experiments are repeatable. If Heisenberg believed in a "God" then show me the evidence he used to make such a conclusion.I take no assertions at face value based solely on authority.


A few comments:1. Perhaps this video is a little uncharitable, but I don't think you're that far off the mark. A lot of YouTube atheists (i.e. 90%+) haven't read anything outside of the New Atheist nonsense, and they somehow think that they're more intelligent than any Christian on the SOLE basis that they are atheists. Their understanding of philosophy and history is no better than skin deep. I've heard Dawkins' central argument (that God is unimaginably complex and somehow needs a creator) trumpeted as though it's some insurmountable refutation of theism. When it's pointed out that Dawkins' argument is a… Read more »


I am am big fan of David Wood. That said, this video, while rightly praising Heisenberg for his scientific contributions and ridiculing this "new atheist" for his perceived stupidity, still does not make an argument for religion and against Godlessness.

Nice try on dodging the subject…. But… some atheists are "blessed" with an IQ slightly higher than our posterboy in the video seems to have…



Hey David. Love your videos, watching also many different channels with your contribution. I'm planning to use your videos and add polish subtitles, (I'm polish catholic) but since my English is far from perfect I would like to ask you to help me regarding some of your videos in terms of translation. We'll hear soon. God bless you


..the 'new' atheism is just another false religious belief meant to salve the sin damaged soul ..they can run, but they can't hide =)   go get um +Acts17Apologetics

wguillaume Acts 17:11

"Athiest" LOL!!!

Kevin Maria
Neil Peterson

David Wood, you make my day every day you make a new video.


In this video the Heisenberg reference is a fallacy known as argument from authority and the reference to fellow You Tuber is either a straw man argument or faulty generalization. I can explain it further but I guess it should be obvious to all 'super smart' religious folks.

RT @holesinthefoam: “Werner Heisenberg vs. the New Atheists”… – VIDEO – http://t.co/lxbMMIeo6W #GooberVideos #Wtf http://t.co/AWQEwAmJyt