Whacko ex-navy chaplain running for office in Colorado…



A disgraced former Navy Chaplain who blames demonic spirits for political and social issues he doesn’t support is running for elected office.

Gordon “Dr. Chaps” Klingenschmitt announced Tuesday that he’s running in the Republican primary for the 15th District seat in Colorado’s State House.

He released an 8-minute, 44-second video asking voters to support him in his race, but he declines to mention some of his controversial stances, including his recent claims that Jesus wants his followers to sell their clothes and buy a gun and the Affordable Care Act causes cancer.

Klingenschmitt also claims to have successfully performed an exorcism on a lesbian soldier and tried to exorcise demonic spirits from President Barack Obama.

The Christian broadcaster explained to voters in his video that he opposes “gun-grabbing laws” and abortion and favors private school vouchers.

Klingenschmitt has said that United States law should be based on biblical laws, and he was reprimanded by the U.S. Navy for disobeying orders in 2006.

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