What, don’t think shit’s heading back in that direction in the US?




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Humanity has come a looooong way. In most cases. Sometimes. A little bit?

Oh, and let me guess. The free market is why, right? Damn that organized labor movement getting in the way of progress. 😛

Recessions are designed to lower the working wage.

That has what to do with what we’re talking about exactly? 😛

going down! ahhh,coal,eh?

‘i will not obey’ utah phillips and i had a loooong discussion about our inherent obligations as anarchic people…listen to him, you don’t hear me…

unions were good once not sure how it works in America but here in Canada we have laws that do what the Unions were brought in for protect the worker. so unions are no longer needed they just cause prices to be way to high because if you’re in a union you gotta be making 25 – 35 or more an hour and 10 people have to do that job that one person can do by themselves.

Yeah, not in the US. Unfortunately.

That sucks and sure there’s more to it in Canada but from what I can tell not miuch

Well said, and the unions that do exist are predominantly public sector. This is what causes our budget deficits here. The average civil servant is paid 30% more in pay in benefits that their counterpart in the private sector. It’s the reason everyone aspires to that cushy Gov job where not only do they have the gold plated pensions, but also job security.

That’s because big business has all but decimated the unions. That’s so easy to see. Just look at all the states that have “right-to-work” laws, and how wages have been kept stagnant in any NON-union jobs. Look at all major companies like Walmart has done to keep unions out, including illegal activities. I used to think that unions weren’t very necessary either. But over the last decade my views have changed. Workers need every possible advantage they can muster against big business and the plutocracy that runs this country.