• Robin Dude May 24, 2016 at 8:23 am

    "Atheists are people who deny the existence of god or a creator."
    You can use the word this way, though most who call themselves atheist don't. As with many words, "atheist" has multiple definitions. Many simply mean they do not believe god claims, and not just yours but all god claims they are aware of.

    "Atheist is the combination of two words, alpha and theos-"
    Not really. The 'a' in front isn't a word, it's a letter. In Greek 'alpha' was the name of the first letter which we represent as 'a'. As for atheists, many use the term to mean 'a'-'theist', which is 'not a theist'. This does not necessarily mean the opposite of a theist, for instance consider the triple distinctions of moral, immoral, and amoral.

    "-theos being supreme divinity, deity, or god"
    Or gods. The original use of the word was to speak about people who didn't believe in the Greek pantheon. In the modern usage, it tends not to be used that way since you'd be hard pressed to find 'theos' by that definition.

    "Atheists rely heavily on philosophical reasoning, scientific methods, humanism, and secular skepticism toward anything regarding god or a creator."
    Not just god, but as many claims as possible. Ghost, goblins, fairies, the power of homeopathy, etc, etc. Also, what is secular skepticism? How is it different from just plain old skepticism?

    "Gnosticism… is a term that was coined by a man named Thomas Huxley-"
    All of the Gnostics who were around from the second century onward would have been shocked to hear that. I think you meant to say agnosticism was coined by Huxley. Though, of course, the ideas preceded the word by a bit. Couple thousand years or so.

    "What agnostics have to realize is that just because you can't feel something, or just because you can't experience or you don't experience it through the senses doesn't mean that it's not real or doesn't exist."
    Agreed. You're just not rational in accepting that something of that sort does exist. Whether being rational matters is up to you. I generally like being rational. I find that it makes my life easier.

    "For example we can't see air with our physical eyes, however we know it exists because we breathe it."
    And have lots of other ways to detect it as well, such as compression tests, wind, and so on. However what you said just a moment ago was about detecting something with "the senses". Touch is a sense. Breathing in you feel it with the sense of touch. This example fails.

    "Another example might be the wind outside-"
    No, that's exactly the same example. That would be like separating the existence of water and currents. If you can detect water, currents are just moving water. Once you detect air, wind is just moving air.

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