What Is the Difference Between Atheism and Antitheism? – VIDEO


What Is Antitheism – Anti-Theism? What Is the Difference Between Atheism and Antitheism? What Is an Antitheist – Anti-Theist?


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Your video was pretty accurate, and I commend you for that. However, I would like to offer a few corrections: 1. "Willful hatred toward God is not [a forgivable error]." Atheists and anti-theists don't hate God; after all, you can't have feelings about something that you don't believe exists. (In fact, any person who hated God would, by definition, be a theist.) 2. "Anti-theism is primarily an attitude of aggressive hostility toward religion, and by extension, religious people and ideas." Not exactly. It is the ideas of religion that nonbelievers take issue with in the first place, believing them to… Read more »