What Is the Difference Between Atheism and Antitheism? – VIDEO


What Is Antitheism – Anti-Theism? What Is the Difference Between Atheism and Antitheism? What Is an Antitheist – Anti-Theist?
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  • ClumsyRoot May 18, 2016 at 7:36 pm

    Your video was pretty accurate, and I commend you for that. However, I would like to offer a few corrections:

    1. "Willful hatred toward God is not [a forgivable error]."

    Atheists and anti-theists don't hate God; after all, you can't have feelings about something that you don't believe exists. (In fact, any person who hated God would, by definition, be a theist.)

    2. "Anti-theism is primarily an attitude of aggressive hostility toward religion, and by extension, religious people and ideas."

    Not exactly. It is the ideas of religion that nonbelievers take issue with in the first place, believing them to be factually incorrect, and quite often detrimental to human flourishing. Hostility is usually not directed toward religious people themselves; rather, it's directed toward the archaic, superstitious beliefs that these people hold and propagate.

    3. "Unfortunately, anti-theism tends to express itself in negative ways, with arrogance, derision, and outright bigotry."

    Well, since anti-theists are attempting to debunk certain ideas, there's a negative aspect to the entire endeavor. And yes, some of them exhibit arrogance and derision, just as some religious folk are arrogant and derisive towards nonbelievers.

    But I disagree that you'll find much bigotry among anti-theists. In fact, New Atheists like Sam Harris have always been quite scrupulous about attacking ideas and not the people who hold them. (Harris often points out that Muslims themselves are the ones most negatively affected by Islamic beliefs.) This confusion exists, I think, because many religious believers are so personally invested in their beliefs that they interpret any attack on their faith as a personal attack.

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