When all else fails, blame Satan…


Pope Francis is asking all Catholics to rebuke Satan by reciting the rosary prayer during the month of October…because he believes that Satan is the reason for all the sexual assault allegations against Priests in the Catholic Church.



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oswiecacz ciemnoty

what it means as stupid as it sounds and islam, start openly blaming satan, they're loosing money and political power on all religions

Steve L

Pope Francis is moron. He is trying to insult our intelligence. What else do you expect from a progressive moron. I am catholic and I think this is stupid

oswiecacz ciemnoty

it's god's will to destroy satans religions


Catholic priests USED to marry. Then Rodrigo Borgia came along and became Pope Alexander VI, and he was a holy mess. He was fucking people he had no business fucking, like his son's wife and the like. So, they changed the rules in a way to get people to trust them again… Ah, so the rules CAN change… Interesting. Maybe it's time for that to happen again.

Neal Hyde

The protection in the Catholic Church of pedophile and pederast priests isn't the work of the devil. It's the work of like-minded priests, cardinals, and other leaders and they're the ones that need to be excised, but Pope Francis protects them.

Mr.SmithGNR Smith

Pope is as satanic as it gets..coward

Ryan Hau

So basically it's that old saying "The Devil Made me Do It"

Daniel T

the pope needs to start booting their asses out of the church and to the policy foe some nice lengthy jail sentences. blaming the devil for this? come onnn. he should be smarter than this, even normal religious folk dont do that


It must feel so great when you can blame all the problems in your order on a fictional boogeyman and absolve everyone in said order of any responsibility for their actions and silence.

I've said it a million times already and I'll gladly say a million more.

Religion is a fucking cancer that needs to fuck off and die.


Why do people have to pray to fight the devil? Is God that dull to not know that Satan is bad unless everyone tells him? And why only in October? Is God on vacation during October and needs to be called out to extra hard to hear? Fucking dishonest asshole.

And why "great accuser"? So Satan only makes accusations now and doesn't actually instigate?


Playing devils (no pun intended) advocate here. He is the most religious man in the world and molesting children is a sin so i can see why he thinks its the devil's influence

David Dale

The only thing dumber than having an imaginary friend is creating an imaginary enemy, God must like it in the bible if he grew unhappy with you he would turn you to salt or have bears attack you but raping kids he's fine with is he using a cloud to rub one out with


He forgot to blame Satan for the LGBTP agenda as well, that is what is dividing and hurting people a lot.

Stefan Hohnwald

Many religious people use the imaginary being Satan/the Devil as an excuse to avoid having to take responsibility for their own actions.


Maybe if they really want their priest to be celibate?
How about castration?


I never understood the logic that God creates Adam a companion because he claims it's not good for man to be alone but the Catholics ignore that and think a priest should be unmarried with no sexual intimacy.

David Dale

They want to control sexual urges and when they can't they blame the other imaginary guy


I mean what else could he do at this stage and not get.destroyed for it by the people or by the Catholic priests

Akeem Oviahon

You guys are still disliking his vids? lol, at this point your just bringing in views

Edge King

Why would you be surprised? He is catholic, of course he would blame satan

City Guard

Well, he isn’t COMPLETELY wrong.

We still have a responsibility. That cannot change. Satan does have heavy pressure on us, but as priests, they should try be stronger.


Why do so many people click on Matt's videos just to give them a thumbs down? Just don't watch.

Matt Wolf

Why do people still believe in religion?


I swear these ppm just always scapegoating I'm a believer in God but this is stupid. No you make a choice I believe somewhere in the bible it says that the Lord gave us free will. SMH

Carlos Sánchez

all hail the holy fleshlights!!

Winnie DaPoo

Just blame it on tequila…..

Cyril Moore

The Pope is a idiot