When message thread screenshots attack… part II


Ok, so we when we last left off, I had just finished going over a discussion with Joshua. Who apparently disagreed with a meme I posted, and had to spend a whole day debating with me on it (Part I is linked HERE). 

So to continue with this heartwarming story. When Joshua refused to reply to me on the thread, he instead opted to send me a private message a few hours later… 


Click for larger image…

Then this… 

Click for larger image...

Click for larger image…


I posted both those screenshots on the FB page. With his name blacked out (as always, even for public comments). If for any reason, just to show our visitors what kind of inane, silly messages we get from people in private. Especially when it’s clear that they can’t get where they want to get on the debate.

Anyway, that was it for this guy. Until May 28th, when I received this…

Apparently doesn't know when to leave well enough alone...

Apparently doesn’t know when to leave well enough alone…


Then when I didn’t answer, he sent me another gem… 

A fitting coda...

A fitting coda…


Now, I know what you’re probably thinking… “Why on earth would Tony not continue to engage with such a poster-child of wit and intelligence? Surely he had been provoked far too many times to just let things go unanswered. Is Tony going soft on us? Say it ain’t so!”

Now a few months ago, I’d be right onboard with all that. Tony of yore would have surely engaged with Joshua the super-wit ad nauseum. Even if he had better things to do! 

Lo, I’m older and wiser now, and have learned to let go of things. I’ve also learned that when you run a busy site and blog, AND you are trying to have a life that involves travel, playing poker, working a bit on the side, and trying to get some writing done, some things have to give. So I just let it go. In fact, I didn’t even ban little Joshua (and people say I show no mercy!).

What happens next you ask? Is there more to this long-winded, rather plodding tale? Oh yes. 

On the evening of May 30th, while I’m on a train into downtown Helsinki to have yet another winning poker session at the Casino (I’m 5 for 5 on this trip, thank ya very much!), I notice my FB acting a bit strange. It logged me off, and forces me to go to a browser. Shit… I’ve seen this before. What did I do now??

Turns out poor little Joshua complained to the FB police about the first screenshot of his private message for everyone’s amusement. Turns out that even though I blacked out his last name and his photo, he still took offense and decided my non-response to his latest messages were too much of an insult. So, he took it up with FB Community Standards. 

And thus, I receive the notice, a warning, and the unceremonious wristslap. I’m BANISHED in FB purgatory for 12 fucking hours. Lucky for me, I spent 4 of those hours jamming out another winning poker session, and the rest of it sleeping. Despite the sting of banishment, it wasn’t all that painful. 

Anyway, that’s the story. Ian and I did a recap today (after one month of no recaps!!) and discussed it more there. So check it out HERE if you’re interested. 

And thanks to everyone for their continued show of support and good vibes during my time in the hole. It was albeit short, and thankfully no big deal. 

And Joshua, all due respect. You can go fuck yourself. 🙂


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