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Hello everyone.

I have found a way out of the matrix-new crack-meth-heroin that is Face(nsoring)book. All one needs is to establish a page, attacking some institutions, or establishments, with strong and powerful friends. Then you sprinkle in some harmless debate, questioning the authority and hypocrisy surrounding said institutions. Then, if you have a sweet tooth, rock in some cartoons, of, I don’t know, some religious figures messing with kids.

And lo and behold, you are warned, silently, and then if you’re lucky, will then receive another silent and un-informative message saying you are blocked for 24 hours. Then you’re out of the game. Sons of bitches have successfully checked our queen. I am sure there’s a way out of this though…if the electricity here in Mexico wasn’t so dicky, I’d try and find the light switch.

Who knows who decides these days what is offensive and what is not. All I know is that if you’re posting, you gotta watch out. Because before you know it your link with an emerging and exciting new forum is cut, just like my electricity actually, and you are left, like me, in the darkness, with only candles and frustration for company.

I can’t post, or reply to nut jobs. Or even to the intelligently formed arguments that have become more and more the norm on Holes in the Foam. We have slowly built up an audience of well informed, argumentative and liberated people, quick to debate and question all of the madness we see every day.

Myself and Tony are obviously pissed off about all of this. He fortunately found all this out 24 hours earlier, so has served his time in the sin-bin. I found out today on opening my laptop in a friends apartment, so have to wait another 17 hours or so to start running again.

But well, here I am. Face(nsoring)book have allowed me to see the page,but not contribute. I am reminded of my few visits to lap dancing clubs, where one could see, but not touch. I am a frustrated john sitting on my hands. I am able to chat but not follow through. How annoying.

If anyone can explain the censorship that would be great. As I’ve seen, many people have been arguing several points, like hate groups and anti-abortion groups are allowed spout whatever shite they like, and remain untouched, like the great Mary herself. The saddest thing is that no matter how many times I have read the terms of Face(nsoring)books policies, I am left confused and bewildered.

To those who have been posting supportive messages and who themselves feel aggrieved, kudos, and keep fighting the fight. We don’t know what has gone wrong, but we are many, we can make ourselves heard. I certainly won’t tailor my content or opinion to suit some strange unexplainable house rules. We didn’t start all this to become another page or site that just panders to or accepts the status quo. We wouldn’t be working so hard to make something happen if that were the case.

But how we would love to know those who reported us. On my behalf, I cordially invite them onto a live broadcast with myself and Tony. Not neccesarily to berate and mock them, but to try and understand the reason behind their reporting of us. Stories and tales of death, destruction, rape, violence, neo-colonialism, fascism and hate fills our lives, and is considered “news”. We have to swallow all of this, and accept it, passively, because the powers that be dictate and control the mass media outlets.

But once a little page like ours posts a thing or two about the reality of certain church initiated atrocities that’s OFFENSIVE? We poke fun at the white and blonde Jesus holding a rifle and we are blocked?

It reminds me of the great Stephen Fry pointing out that words like torture, hell, and murder are often used to describe trivialities like the traffic, yet words like cock and cunt are OFFENSIVE and are repeatedly censored to avoid listeners and watchers being OFFENDED. Quite rightly he points out that this illustrates perfectly the ridiculousness of general thought, censoring our natural body parts in the name of “good taste”. Oh Stephen, how far we have to travel!

Anyway, I am a mixture of blind rage and perhaps incoherent prose. I will wait until tomorrow to vent some more with Tony on our weekly broadcast. Until then enjoy the page, keep contributing, and above all, FUCK censorship. FUCKity FUCK it.

Thank you, and good evening.

Fuck censorship




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