1. Thank you so much! I’ve been debating atheists who say that atheism is not
    a belief system because its a non belief. I’m going to point them to this
    video so they can hear it in words instead of reading what they want to

  2. Wait do people really believe that atheists eat babies? And also, Onision,
    the smart atheists do not disprove god, we just don’t believe in him, or
    her, or it, or whatever the fuck Christians say god is. 

  3. I have never heard of “agnostic” before. If i have no opinion on religion,
    would that make me “agnostic”?

  4. Dude, seriously you are entertaining but you are not fucking smart. That
    isn’t what atheism and agnosticism are. They aren’t even opposing views.
    Seriously stop interjecting your shitty advice and misinformation into your
    dumb vids. YOU ARE NOT SMART. Just be funny and stop acting like you have a
    clue what you’re talkign about. It’s fuckign obnoxious. Try actually taking
    5 mins to research what you are spouting

  5. so lets say I believe that some form of god(s) do exist but then I choose
    to defy them all together and follow my own path ( Satan/Lucifer/ whatever
    deity out there included) .
    what does that make me?

  6. “Atheists are people who believe in one less god than you” Cause FUCK
    Polytheism, right?!?! NO religon has ever thought there to be more than one
    god ruling over the entire multiverse!

  7. Hey I don’t believe in Zues,Thor,Loki,Hera,etc. what’s wrong with not
    believing the most fucked up god of all time,Jehovah…..

  8. I am agnostic, I am currently staying with my aunt and uncle on my vacation
    and they make me go to church and prey before every meal. (they think they
    can make matters believe if they drill it into my head enough) Three weeks
    ago the pastor said that God is all knowing and that nothing is two small,
    he cares about everyone and everything, my aunt agreed. Two weeks ago I was
    sick and didn’t want to go to church. She said “God doesn’t care if you’re
    tired or sick. Let’s go.” I got in the car, but the whole time I was
    thinking, so he cares about everything, but when I’m sick he doesn’t care
    and wants me to go to church anyway… That it confusing, does their God
    care or not? 

  9. I really think there is no god, i mean, which kind of “god” would let us
    fuck up, as we already did?

  10. What you describe as an atheist is an angry one. This is common in America.
    I am an atheist because i genuinely dont belive there is any god or higher
    power. I can respect those who do belive in a god but it just don’t seem
    true to me.

  11. I think that anything is possible and that no one knows for sure but I
    believe that things like the Big Bang and evolution are more likely. So
    does that make me an atheist or agnostic?

  12. im atheist and i dont get why people say im a satanist.
    if i dont belive in “God” then how can i belive in their child…?
    could someone explain this to me please?

  13. I don’t know any atheists who say god isn’t real definitely. We just don’t
    think god is real. Just like Christians etc don’t know if god is real 100%.
    Most of us are agnostic, whether that be agnostic-theists or
    agnostic-atheist. Very few (yes it does happen on both sides) claim that
    they know for 100% certainty. 

  14. I don’t define atheism/agnosticism the same as Onision. I don’t think
    they’re mutually exclusive. I consider myself an agnostic atheist: I don’t
    believe the statement that “there is a god”. I’m not saying “there is no
    god” though (atheism). Also, I don’t claim to know for a fact one way or
    the other about a god’s existence. There very well could be one.

    (a)gnosticism=claim of knowledge

  15. Onision, I’m a big fan, but there’s quite a difference between militant
    atheism, atheism, and agnostic atheism (just wait I’ll explain).
    Militant atheism is what you described, as in people who aggressively
    (but not the violent aggressiveness, just forcefully) deny any god.
    Atheism can be pretty broad, but is normally people who just don’t
    believe in a god and don’t really want to (again, a generalization and
    people can fall in at different points).
    Agnostic atheism is what I consider myself. This means that because of
    the lack of proof (and often the unreasonable-ness of many religions’ myths
    and rues), they do not believe in a god. They do not claim there is no god;
    they just deny the claim that there is. Most agnostic atheists would agree
    that if the god was proven, they would accept it and believe. While that
    may be true I would not worship a god, even if proven, because they’re
    normally huge assholes.

  16. atheist – someone who has a lack of belief in a god
    retard – someone who believes no type of god could exist at all
    agnostic – I don’t know
    agnostic – I don’t know, therefore I don’t have a strong belief or
    conviction in there being a god
    agnostic = atheist 😛

    a person who disbelieves or *lacks belief* in the existence of God or gods.

  17. Proof that there is no god: “God” Hates gay, lesbians, bi, muslim, satanist
    and other shit. So if “God” Hates people like that why would “it” create
    them? If “god” was real people like that wouldnt exist.

  18. Atheists believe they have facts to show God doesn’t exist.
    They do have good evidence but in my opinion they miss a few crucial things
    that aren’t very obvious, but from their facts God not existing is
    certainly more probable and I do agree with that.

    I believe in God though I believe the Bible is mostly a terrible resource
    and I have no idea how any one could even take it seriously at all!

    I do believe Agnostism is a very underrated way of believing. It is much
    more logical and virtuous of a choice than most people give credit for. 

  19. Atheism means you think there is a God, but you don’t go by it- Materialist
    means you don’t believe in a supernatural force at all. Honestly, get your
    shit together guys

  20. In my life and my situation I tend to say that I am an agnostic atheist. I
    recognize that ruling out the existence of a god or gods 100% (saying that
    a god or gods do not exist & that he/she/it/they cannot exist) is
    intellectually dishonest in my opinion. And I find the reasons/ “evidence”
    people give for believing insufficient, therefore I do not believe. 

  21. *The terms of agnosticism and atheism aren’t mutually exclusive.*

    *Gnosticism and agnosticisms is the term that refers to knowledge:*
    – Gnosticism addresses the issue of what one knows or claims to know.
    – Agnosticism addresses the issue of what one don’t knows or not claim to

    *Theism and atheism is the term that refers to belief:*
    – Theist believe in a god/gods.
    – Atheist doesn’t believe in any god.

    *The different types of theist and atheist:*
    – *Agnostic Atheist* – Doesn’t know if there is a god/gods or there isn’t,
    but since there is no scientific evidence right now to support the
    existence of a god/gods doesn’t believes in a god/gods.
    – *Agnostic Theist* – Doesn’t know if there is a god/gods or there isn’t,
    but believes in a god/gods.
    – *Gnostic Atheist* – Knows that there is no god/gods, so doesn’t believes
    in a god/gods.
    – *Gnostic Theist* – Knows that there is a god/gods, so believes in a

    For example I am an agnostic atheist.

  22. Atheists do not believe there is no god they simply do not believe in god.
    There is a difference. 

  23. You are the fucking smartest person to ever live. If you and Steven Hawking
    had an argument, the world would quite possibly explode. 

  24. Onision clearly doesn’t have a firm grasp on what Atheism is. Atheism is a
    lack in belief in a god. You can be an agnostic atheist. Many atheists are.
    It just means that you don’t believe; you can not believe and also not say
    that without a doubt there is no god.

  25. I used to be christian when I was little, I was baptized jadajada.. I used
    to love the stories about jesus being all magical and saving a sick child.
    I now believe in the religion “Science bitch!”

  26. Im an atheist… Wheres the problem? U want me to believe that theres a
    giant man up there deciding my life? I make my life up and life was only
    bacteria forming into bigger life cells inside ones body making it mutate
    and transform into what we are. Wheres god when people are getting raped??
    I cant believe in something that cant do anything for me by believing in
    it. If theres no proof then is it really there? 

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