Why do Evolutionists Misrepresent Creationists? Fact Checking – VIDEO


C0nc0rdance wants to prove Evolution, but he can’t help berating Christians and trying to make them look bad. I wish we could just deal with the scientific evidence, but first I had to deal…



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How disappointing. I made a substantial fact-based video (20+ minutes long!) and you spent an entire video dissecting a single part of a single image that was on-screen for 19 seconds in the 20 minute video, or 1%. The images shown next to the one you focused on were from The Marriage and Family Universe, which is a ministry of “The Bride of Christ Church”, a Christian church founded by Rev. William M. Branham. They include messages like “WHY AIDS AND STDs? Because GOD TURNS OVER THE SEXUALLY IMMORAL PERSONS TO SATAN FOR DESTRUCTION OF THE FLESH! In the name… Read more »


C0co0rdance says: “Creationists may wonder why scientists so fiercely defend evolution when it is attacked. Evolution actually matters. It can even be a matter of life or death. If creationists could ever come up with a predictive and explanatory model to produce better diagnostics and therapeutic approaches to cancer, AIDS and tuberculosis, it would be a useful first step in proving their position. In 200 years, though, the best they’ve come up with are questions and doubts.” Christianity and the unjustified belief sets that accompany it represent a large number of our credulous American society. That, I think, is the… Read more »


The silver lining in the storm cloud… people actually dying from AIDS are
unimportant as longer as your narrow goal of preventing a few addictions
gets boasted.


#1 rule in responding to Atheists: Fact check everything!


Lol, you open your video by criticizing Aronra for not being a scientist, but you aren’t a scientist either and if we are going to be honest here, Aronra knows far more about science than you do. The reason why Concordance said that you are welcome to come up with a god-based explanation for HIV is to expose how creationists like you really have no explanation. It’s really interesting that you brought up ID though because if you follow their conclusions logically and see how it fits with the evidence, one would be led to the conclusion that god must… Read more »


I am interested to hear whether you think HIV has existed throughout human
history or if you think it was a recent creation. Was it there in the
Garden of Eden (or other creation story from whatever mythos we are
testing). If so, why have we gone so long without detecting it?

If it’s a recent creation, for what purpose and by what means? If you
agree with modern science that HIV is the result of a virus jumping hosts,
doesn’t that mean we’ve recently observed the beginning of a new species by
natural means?

Richard Raspberry

I would answer the question and say that it’s all – A, B and C. But I would
arrange it as – A, C and then B.


lol you still believe in god? learn critical thinking skills oredy, youtube
the atheist expiriance & watch it,it will teach you critical thinking


So you’re back. I thought you may have finally given up after AronRa handed
you that smashing, must have been embarrassing for you.
It’s disappointing that your “arguments” are still so facile.


Lastly, “HIV is God’s blessing” is still addressing the very idea I was talking about. If HIV truly is a blessing from a god to help people overcome addiction, then you need to deal with the very thorny moral issue of creating a virus that kills 1.5 million men, women, and children every year so that fewer people take heroin in wealthy parts of Europe. If I were inventing solutions to the problem of drug addiction, I wouldn’t desire one that causes babies to be born infected and die after a few months, and I wouldn’t choose one that works… Read more »

James Lewis

Psalm 14:1 The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God.


You are like a spoiled little kid… 

Timothy Chapman

Can’t wait to see part 2. If C0nc0rdance misrepresents our positions that
badly, then he surely has no evidence for his position.


Don’t you claim to be an engineer and completely misrepresent scientific assumptions a the scientific method as a whole, when about 90% of engineering is about making assumptions and using the ones that work? Were you purposefully being ironic here just to get attention some attention? The majority of the engineers I know would not have the time to make these dishonest videos. Evolutionists build up models of creationists from dishonest individuals such as yourself, Kent and Eric Hovind, Ken Ham, Juby and countless other’s who portray themselves as something that they are not; an authority. You are nothing buddy,… Read more »

Arcane Logos

Why do Evolutionists Misrepresent Creationists? 


Hmmmm, I love how you denigrate C0nc0rdance on that one image, when there
are two others in that same page, one of which very clearly quotes
Corinthinans, Genesis, and Proverbs, and has the headline “AIDS/HIV an
Sexual Immorality – The Eating of Satan.”

But you wouldn’t be exhibiting a selection bias or confirmation bias (the
very thing you’re accusing him of) would you?

Also, we can’t fact check creationists, because creationists don’t have
facts (except the ones they take from actual scientists, and then distort),
they have opinions (as your complete failure to ever respond to my
challenge to your ERV video clearly demonstrates).

Greg Harding

Problem is that evolutionists/atheists cannot except that man without God can be so incredibly evil due to an extreme lacking of a relevant moral structure that they refuse to accept known and proven facts of science, and maybe more importantly as illustrated in this video, their fellow man and their evils perpetrated on society. E.g., AIDS / HIV are man-made virus that was developed by the DoD and Merck pharma with a DoD U.S. patent number. All part of the global eugenics program. Also what most don’t know is that with a proper diet, not the prosthelytized fictitious 4 food… Read more »


In answer to your question at the end, I go with D, all of the above! :D

Kanbei85 .

Answer: D) All of the above.

NoneYa Beeswax

Definitely “C”! Can’t wait for the next video!

Samuel Chamberlin

Glad to have you back! :)


I think a little context on your side is warranted too in regards to the
views of AIDS that some prominent Christians have had over the years. Back
in the 80s and 90s, many religious fanatics were saying things like, AIDS
is a plague sent by god to eradicate homosexuals and drug users. That’s
pretty much the only alternative explanation for the origins of AIDS that
has been promoted in the US for a long period of time, and it was a very
hot topic for years. So do you believe that AIDS is a result of God’s
judgement against sin, OFNF? 


On a somewhat relevant topic… you should look up John Taylor Gatto’s book “The Underground History of American Education.” I never realized how much evolution was actually influencing people of “higher authority” even a 150 years ago and near after…. in the schools and the way they’re set up. If you look up the views of many influences of modern public schooling and it’s changes/experiments… much of it is to set up an evolutionary class society in the USA(and other nations). The book was free to read on John’s own website, but it’s not working right now. Someone has an… Read more »


Obvious {C}