Why Give Credence to Creationists? – VIDEO




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Mark Harrison

I wish I was so optimistic.


Heh, I came across a new claim by a creationist yesterday, he said that there were no planets, only stars, and that the moon was the same size as the Sun. It is truly scary that people like that are out there… among us!!

Deconverted Man

anything that is a rejection of reality must be rejected.

Flip v d Fluitketel


aaaah indisputable facts mabe ???

Yeah, the indisputable facts are on your side. 😀
Perhaps you should actually watch the video? And take some remedial classes “mabe”? 🙂

I should because I went to public school !!

Yeah, it’s your public school system’s fault that you’re an idiot. 🙂

Hey I’m not the one that believes we all came from nothing with no intelligent designer Take food and oxygen, why are these items here , by chance, for no reason, . No they were given by GOD to support human and animal life !!! WOW what a revelation!!!

So then using your “logic” and “indisputable facts” please explain to me how your God was then created?? By nothing? Put there by chance? Please, enlighten me!!

Ok ! I wrestled with this for years and some things we just can’t figure out , such as where does space end ? Say it end at a wall, then what’s behind the wall . Space is infinite like God … the question is really mute because with all the evidence for God and the salvation message it really does not matter but we will find the answer some day …

“With all the evidence for God”????? What evidence? Some old book? His face in a taco in New Mexico?? You really need to proof read your posts before you send them, cause you’re really just walking into the fire when you’re making comments like that on a site like this! The only actual evidence that we have of this planet, is what has been PROVEN by scientific FACT!! It is FACT that this place we call earth, was created by the Big Bang. It is FACT that the trees, and all vegetation on this planet is here through photosynthesis. Any… Read more »

Historian Josephus and Tacitus , so the Bible is proof itself ..

historian Josephus and Tacitus.

Well then by your logic, the comic books of superman prove his existence right?? The books about vampires, mummies, and even Santa clause should be more than enough proof of their existence right?

Hahaaaaaa 😀

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