Why We Need Secularism | Why Secularism Is So Important – VIDEO


If you’ve watched my channel for any length of time, you’ll know that I believe strongly in the principle of secularism. In education and politics especially, religion has an unwarranted influence over the lives of those who do not share the faith, which to me is an injustice.——————LINKS——————



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Andrea Woodvine

Very well said, Alex!!


Thanks Alex, this is an amazing video. You captured the principles of secularism so perfectly.

Patrick Star

This video is the bomb! I'm glad I found this channel because the content keeps getting better and better. Also, would you do a couple of book reviews? Like top five must reads or something, because I think many people would be interested in that

tricky smith

You grew to be my favorite youtuber and I, like, don't have favorite youtubers normally. You're awesome!

Jesus Price

Spot on!!!!

Marquis de Moo

Notwithstanding the imminent sense of your argument, what I cannot understand is why the UK, which has an underplayed state religion, seems  more secular than the USA, which is in theory a secular state.  Could it be that the British are more cynical precisely because of the state endorsement of religion or could it be that secularism generates such insecurity in the religious who seem to have a need for everyone to embrace their fantasy?

Kidd Ali

Secularism is a human right too many are denied

The Hero America Needs

Sad truth: secularism is an ideal – just an ideal. It is not based on human nature, specifically the in-group/out-group bias. It statistically proven that the more a nation is uniformal, the less criminality there is. That is why the nation state is the way to go.


How the fuck don't you have more subs?

Rebecca Popowich

You're extremely well articulated and good at getting well thought out points out in a timely matter, all while keeping the interest of your followers. Keep up the fantastic work!

swiminthepussy juice

And all this comes from a 17 year old. Faith in my generation restored

Alex’s videos are pretty amazing. 🙂

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