Woman arrested for threatening kids with ‘Trayvon’ treatment… – VIDEO


Woman Arrested For Threatening Two 8-Year-Olds Using A Trayvon Martin Slur (VIDEO)

A woman has been arrested in Arkansas for for harassment and disorderly conduct after allegedly threatening two eight-year-old boys, using slain Florida teen Trayvon Martin’s name as a slur.

KHBS/KHOG-TV reports that Yelena Goforth-Buyalova was arrested and charged with harassment and disorderly conduct after allegedly telling two boys they “should be treated like Trayvon Martin.”

Police report that Goforth-Buyalova called 9/11 to complain about the boys, saying they were too noisy and she wanted them to leave. However, when police arrived on the scene she was observed yelling at the boys.

The report went on to note that both boys were crying and that Goforth Buyalova had even screamed at the dispatcher, saying that the boys

“did not deserve to live in the apartments and they should be in prison because they were black.”

As expected, Goforth Buyalova told KHBS/KHOG-TV that the police were lying.



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