Wow! We made it to 7000 on FB! Who woulda thunk it? :)




This latest milestone has been a rather hard-fought one. Or at least it seems like it. On several occasions since hitting 6000, it seems that some of our posts and my rantings have caused some of our fans to question what the hell I’m really trying to do with this whole ridiculous site thing. Too many times when I posted something that crossed some hallowed view or ideal held by those fans, there would be hell to pay. Usually those posts/rantings involved guns, go figure 😛 

Needless to say there was a bit of a shakeout during this particular leg of our upward trend. Granted, I don’t consider this page a popularity contest by any means. And I like to challenge other people’s views as much as I like to have my own challenged. But I still enjoy and appreciate the feedback and continuing discussion and discourse on this page and our other channels. While I’m always up for a good debate, that can mean different things for different people. Unfortunately for some people, they don’t really know what that even means. Maybe it’s my usually bad attitude. 😛 So yeah, some of our fans have become former fans, what can ya do? Can’t please everybody, you gotta please yourself.  

But that all aside, let me say that I’m still in awe of this AMAZING (and yes, still growing) critical mass following of smart, opinionated people who ARE sticking with this totally ill-conceived, time-wasting, and life-sucking venture! And for that, all I can say is thanks, and onward and upward!  🙂 


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