Yeah, birth control, Pearl Harbor, I always seem to mix them up… :P




  1. I hope he keeps up the good work. Comments as stupid as this are the sort of thing that is making the young rethink their religious affiliations and vote with their feet.

  2. It’s not about freedom of religion. It’s about freedom of conscience and it has to work both ways, secular and religious. Just as it’s not right for government to force distribution of bibles in public schools, it’s not right for government to force employers to offer insurance benefits that they find morally offensive. A government operating properly within its constitutional limits engages in neither. Not to say the comparison to Pearl Harbor isn’t tacky.

  3. No, it’s a statement of fact Gary. When you babble such ideologue nonsense (which you have done before out here, because you ARE a BLIND IDEOLOGUE), you are indeed talking out of your ass. As for a refutation, are you kidding? Your argument is so asinine (pun intended), it’s not even deserving of a refutation.

    One question though, what if a company is run by a faith-healer goober who doesn’t believe in doctors or medicine or hospitals. Does he get to use his religious views as a way to keep his employees from getting any coverage at all? That would violate his moral views wouldn’t it??

    Please, more ass-talk… we’re waiting. 😀

  4. Article one section eight of the Constitution enumerates what congress can legislate on. The ninth and tenth amendment reserve anything left over to the states. Where in that language is congress given the right to enforce employer insurance mandates period?

  5. In case you’ve forgotten, the ACA is the law of the land. And employers do have the option to not provide coverage and pay a surtax. What are you missing Gary? Oh yeah, nevermind you’re still talking out of your ass.

  6. Yes, a surtax that will force them to subsidize a public health plan they find morally objectionable. Personally I’m fine with abortion and contraception but that’s beside the point. I believe in freedom of conscience equally for people who think like me and people who don’t.

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