Yep, this level of stupid exists in America. Poe, or no poe… :/




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LOL… you sure that was real? or someone fooling around

This must be a joke?

RIP Nelson Mandela. The man who brought communism to the world under the guise of civil rights. God bless him. Or send him to hell. Totally up to God. Not like my opinions have anything to do with reality B)

Yes communism is so horrible. Because Capitalism is so much better. And your inviisble sky daddy doesn’t exist.

Quit with your bullshit Shane. There is no ‘sky daddy’ and you are fucking delusional obviously…

I’m getting that conflicted feeling when I know its fake but its still funny knowing it could potentially exist.

………………. There are no words

this is a goof right?

So when did NM write legislation for the US?

When Kim Jong Il died there was a hilarious one with a picture of Jackie Chan, every time a leader dies people rush to make these up.

ummm, the doood in the picture is Morgan Freeman, an actor… and he has nothing to do with Nelson Mandela… AND people that talk about god or heaven and hell are the completely delusional ones…

bwaaaahahahahaha… jesus christ. dumb fuckery truly knows no bounds.

Didn’t freeman play Mandela in a movie?

this guy is till alive and kicking


Ja ja ja ja ja ja ja ja ja

I’m more annoyed at Denise’s response: “Girl I don’t think Nelson Mandela didn’t play in any movies.”


Yeah, everybody… watch out, South Africa is one big communist hellhole. Matthew Mcnew, congratulations for falling for the same crap the GOP fell for during the days of apartheid. Labeled a “communist” and a “terrorist” during the days of an oppressive, racist government ruling South Africa. You’re an ideologue goober, and quite frankly your gullibility is nauseating.

My sentiments exactly. It was probably a poe, and some morons fell for it, and ran with it.

Quite frankly Mandela’s hatred of America was nauseating. Quit with your bull.

you fucktards you speak like west’s imperialism dodnt kill no body,
communism is the best thing that could ever happen to us..

No Matthew, you quit with yours. The US’ foreign policy has a LOT of blood on its hands. Are you fucking kidding? You obviously have no clue about the US’ disgusting activities in all points on the globe. Central America?? Chile? SOUTHEAST ASIA? All Mandela did was state the obvious truth of the time. Who the fuck do you think you’re kidding? So much drivel and misinformation about Mandela by blowhards like you. Just admit that you don’t know the real history of the US, nor do you know the real history of South Africa. Then, just shut the fuck… Read more »

exactly no side is innocent, and obviously everybody’s choose one..
and sorry for the hate speech 🙂

Abhishek, I’m not going to deny the US’ stupidity in the past. But to say “communism” is the best thing that could ever happen is pretty off the mark too. How about a healthy combination of social democracy, and capitalism? You know, like most of Europe has? It seems to work pretty well for those guys. And I’m no lefty, but if something works, and it happens to be a lefty idea, so the fuck what?

Thanks for clarifying that Rolandas, we were almost falling for it. 😛

man i get it you, are a reasonable person but i am not, i live in india i’ve seen the best capitalism and fascism has to offer and from here let me make it absolutely clear, it doesnt look good, also, man, for capitalism to succeed it’ll always need a third world on which it can feed off, and i was born and raised in hell if you come here you’ll see on what base and at what cost the west thrives, or if you want a direct proof, see what us is doing in afganistan… is sad here man,… Read more »

And I totally get your position. Let’s hope that India, among other countries like China and Russia, bone up on their economics and make the deal more equitable for everybody. It’s possible that it can happen, but whether or not it’s probable is entirely another question.


Invictus, great film, great actor…; )

what an arse!!

Free Nelson.. Now he is Death? Shit so fast!! Free free Nelson Mandeld!

obviously a troll meme, has to be

Yes, probably, but the fact that people fell for it is what is sad.