1. It hit mme now… the tree of knowledge… don’t eat it or you get
    knowledge… and god doesn’t want you to know too much. Knowing too much is

  2. Who else thought that The Amazing Atheist sounded like the comic dude from
    the Simspons? 

  3. “I’m Eve, wanna hold hands.”

    “No but you can grab onto my third leg any day baby.”

  4. I clicked the link for the original cartoon and it turns out there are. TJ
    please turn this into an ongoing voiceover series

  5. Fun Fact, the adam and eve story actual Orgin is from the Norse. We all
    know of the Ragnarok, where all the gods fight in a mighty battle and all
    of the old gods are killed, which then leads to a great flood. The only
    survivors left are a man and a woman who emerge from a tree…they are left
    to repopulate the earth.

    Christianity took this tale and flipped it around. To better convert the

  6. The only thing that can be spoken into existence is bullshit. Everything
    else takes work. 

  7. It worked for people who didn’t make it past the age of 30 and it will work
    for you!

  8. I actually tried to read this part of the bible once. Put It down and never
    looked back. More scary than calculating large forms of complex logic is
    something with no logic at all :)

  9. Even if we see all this ridiculous nonsense, that talking lizard thing
    still stands out like a sore thumb.

  10. Adam and Eve were the first and only people to have started the human race,
    according to christians.

    Technically, that means we’re all products of many generations of incest.
    Well, that explains the rapid influx of stupid people.

  11. T.J I accidentally mentioned Richard Dawkins in science today while we were
    talking about the finches and Evolution, and my friend was like don’t you
    mean Darwin? xD

  12. I was an Atiest for a long time but have now seen the light! Our saviour
    will sone come and we will all be able to go to the promised land that is

    Save me Neo! 

  13. doesn’t look like Africa to me. So the first people god could think of were

  14. Hmm, what is wrong with Anal sex? 0.o it is perfectly reasonable, if you
    don’t wanna have to use condom or knock someone up that is…

  15. And four thousand years later, Jesus died and went to Hell to rescue all of
    the souls that deserved to go to Heaven. He also rescued Adam and Eve, for
    some reason, even though they were the ones who prompted God to start
    sending people to Hell. Or something like that. I can just imagine that
    conversation: “Hey guys, I’m going to take you out of here and up to a far
    nicer place. Oh, and by the way, I just died horribly to clean up the mess
    that you made. No need to thank me.”

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