Yes, we’ve discussed this before. It’s worth repeating. It’s not getting any better.




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What drives me up the wall is when poor people double-think themselves into defending the corporate executive pay, as if they’ll one day get there too, by believing in “free market capitalism.”

That is because they are victims of ideology that has been force-fed on them, and they allowed themselves to be duped. But only the really ignorant ones stay duped.


Poland (my beautiful native land) and Russia: 1000000000 to 1

And the smart ones get promoted or in case of corrupt system, leave for a country with a better ratio and less corrupt system (author escaped Poland after EU accession :-)))) )

“The meak shall inherit the Earth.”

If you plotted this on an unlabeled graph, it would be easily confused with gun deaths.

How about this: (from NYC) if stop and frisk via racial profiling and playing the percentages is OK and effective, then why not investigate all of high finance for only the reason that it’s second only to energy as the most corrupt industry??