Your government is on the case, fear not… :/


Protesters protesting…. jobless desperately job-searching… economies imploding… mayhem may-hemming… tear gas…er… gassing… police….brutalizing… it just goes on and on…

BUT, we can take great solace in knowing that our esteemed congress is tackling the difficult, challenging issues of our time. Ah yes, such as ensuring that the theocratic legacy of McCarthyism, our hallowed national motto which despite the anarchic atheistic forces at play in our god-blessed nation has yet to raise any dispute against it, special edition coin authorizations, among many other tough mind-bending, heart-wrenching issues of value and merit. I am so relieved to know that the wheels of governance are churning and turning to find real solutions to this country’s many ills. Thank you esteemed congressmen, and godspeed.


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Matthew Mattdog Glover

Tony, I love your posts!!


Great post. Lucky me I reached your site by accident, I bookmarked it.