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Who are these morons ?

Luckily, God moves the rain away. You’d think he could do the same in low lying third world areas to prevent flooding and hundreds of deaths.

Oh yeah, my mistake. He is imaginary.

He’s too busy giving cancer to kids.

I believe in cold, hard, fats.

* facts

Amen. God saves him from …. a bit of rain. Yay God.

Oh dear…… Some people are just too stupid and / or very ignorant.

but God couldn’t be arsed to sort out some fuel in the tank….selfish if you ask me

Can’t imagine how god managed to keep that rain off of you, while you refueled?

How wonderful that Jeebus plays personal weatherman for this dick while turning his back on cancer and world hunger and child molestation, etc. etc. etc.

He must have been too busy stopping your rain to feed some children. Makes sense.

I… Wait. What????


He was thinking only of you, not the thousands of other people in the region.

I agree with this kid..