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The Health Benefits of Gourmet Burgers
Gourmet burgers have been around for ages, they just haven’t been as popular in recent years. Many people think gourmet burgers are mainly a treat for special occasions. That may be true in some cases but there are a lot of people that enjoy eating burgers all day long. Burgers can be an excellent meal with vegetables and a good salad. If you are having a gourmet meal you may want to serve it on top of some lightly steamed broccoli or spinach. You can still serve it on its own, with a small slice of tomato and maybe some lettuce and a dill pickle or slice of red pepper if you are feeling especially brave.

One of the easiest differences in a gourmet burger compared to a regular one is what you are getting from the ground beef. Most people will pickles, celery and onions. These ingredients are what makes up the meat of the burger, so why add things that are not necessary? For instance, if you are having a gourmet burgers you may want to start with a ground beef that is organic and free range.

Other than the meat most gourmet burgers are topped with fresh vegetables. In fact it is common for them to have a buns containing lettuce, tomato and ketchup. The bun is the important part because it allows you to use different toppings to enhance the taste of your meal. Many people like to put fresh herbs, such as dill, on their gourmet burgers and vegetables. If you are having a gourmet meal with a cheese burger you can put a nice piece of mozzarella on it and cheese it up with a nice sliced portabellini mushrooms, which are a little smaller, along with some thinly sliced red bell pepper and a sliced portabella mushroom. Add a fresh squeeze of lemon juice and your salad is ready!

Many people also like to have other fillings on their gourmet burgers, including things like fresh mushrooms, olives, olive oil, Provolone, or even a nice piece of fresh tomato. A popular alternative to cheese is buffalo or blue cheese, which also adds a great texture to the burger. As well as gourmet burgers there are also other options available such as vegetarian and health conscious dishes. A really good idea would be to try vegetarian chili or a healthful Thai red curry.

When you taste a gourmet burgers you can tell that they are cooked evenly. They are not over cooked and have a nice texture, which is often absent in a regular beef burger. Some people think that the lack of meat on a gourmet burgers is a bad thing. Nothing could be further from the truth as these healthy alternatives go a long way in improving the health for those who eat them. Due to the lack of fat content in the meal, these are perfect for those watching their cholesterol levels.

If you want to learn more about gourmet burgers, then read up on all the different types available to you. There are many different ways to grill them including the more traditional charcoal grill and gas grills. Both methods are excellent ways to enjoy tasty burgers to eat with the family or outdoors. Grill patties offer a different twist on the traditional beef patty that is usually served at most restaurants. Whether you choose the charcoal or the gas grill, you are sure to enjoy one of the most popular meals on the planet.

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